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Synthetic Turf and Installation Materials

Learn the lingo and understand everything you need to know about artificial grass, related tools, and accessories.
What is synthetic turf?

Synthetic turf consists of a top layer of artificial turf carpet with a granule infill material to support the synthetic grass blades

Synthetic turf infill:
Fills the voids among the blades of synthetic turf, supports the blades of synthetic turf (keeping them upright), and evens the playing surface
Adds weight to the playing surface
Protects the yarn of the artificial turf carpet
Gives the playing field softness/cushioning and the ability to absorb the shock of someone falling on it, which lessens the chances of injury (the lower a field’s shock absorption rating [G-Max], the softer the field)

Below the carpet and infill, there is a subsurface drainage layer composed of crushed stones with plastic tubing for drainage.

What are the benefits of synthetic turf?

Synthetic turf has a life cycle of eight to 12 years, with potential for recycling or reuse in other applications.

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Water-based products used to bond synthetic turf seams and inserts and, at times, synthetic turf to the base. Synthetic turf adhesives are made of urethane and/or epoxy.

Artificial Turf Deodorizer:
A non-toxic negatively charged zeolite material that comes in a granule form. It neutralizes odors caused by ammonia and requires a simple one-time application on top of your turf.


Materials that make up the back of the turf and also secure the fiber tufts.


Various color combinations that may be utilized to match the natural appearance of grass within certain regions. Deep green colors are typically chosen for climates where grass stays green all year. Lighter green colors are paired with brown thatch and may be chosen for dry drought-prone climates.


An increase in the density of something. Field base materials should be thoroughly compacted to prevent any significant settlement across the area where the synthetic turf will be placed.

Crumb Rubber:

Derived from recycled scrap car and truck tires, crumb rubber is metal-free and falls into two different categories: Ambient and Cryogenic.


A unit of linear mass density of fibers.


Mass per unit volume or the amount of pile fiber in the turf and the closeness of the tufts.


Designed to carry away water that percolates through the turf.

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