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Palm Springs Gold Landscape Rock
Palm Springs Gold is a stone material with mica in it. The mica helps give it the distinctive sparkle adding to the natural variety of coloration. This is the single most used decorative rock in Southern California. It has a distinctive sparkle of mica adding to the natural variety of coloration. The combination of dusty pink, green and gold tones is very showy. The sunlight hits the pebbles and sparkles appear everywhere, not too brightly colored but with enough star power to light up a landscape.

The Palm Springs Gold boulders are certainly one of the most colorful with gold, red, tan, gray, browns and every other color under the rainbow all mixed into one. Sizes range from approximately 12" to 48" in diameter. Since every boulder has it's individual character, we highly recommend picking out the exact ones for your project. The Palm Springs Gold is also available in a 3/8" and 3/4" gravel.

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Palm Springs Gold Rock